About us
Welcome to the home of happy endings

Let's hang out for a while

We love straight talk and we’re all ears.
We’re an award-winning creative design and market-leading print procurement agency, young enough to be passionate about every project, experienced enough to know what works. You want people to sit up and take notice. So do we. Tell us about yourself. We’d like to get to know you.

More dazzle. Less frazzle

We apply a touch of magic to everything we do
We love the smell of ink on paper and we demystify digital. We’ll make your problems disappear, just like that. We’ve been known to pull the odd rabbit from a hat too.

All the right connections

We believe in bringing people together
We understand that when you make a connection – with clients, customers or colleagues – you have the unique opportunity to build lasting relationships. We call it people power. We combine the very latest tools with unique creative ideas to provide clever, targeted solutions to your communication needs. You have goals and expectations.
Our aim is to exceed them. Our award-winning online managed print services are just a mouse click away, and our experienced, friendly team no more than a phone call away. Getting connected to Cubiquity couldn’t be easier.

Extraordinary people

We’re regular folk. Just like you.
We’re interested in pretty much the same stuff as you are too. We’re not robots, nor do we pretend to be rocket scientists. We don’t want to say that we’re better, we just want to show you. Most people who pick us up find it pretty hard to put us down again. We’re rather proud of that.

Travelling companions

Think of us as your Sat Nav
We’re all about the journey. That’s why we help drive big ideas for big brands. We’re taking them to places they’ve never been before. Some of those places we’ve never been to either, but we’re not the sort who blindly stick a pin in the map and simply hope for the best. We carefully consider every turn. And we’ll ensure that you never feel left behind.

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