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Flight Centre
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Through engaging digital animation and third party CMS implementation, support Flight Centre in launching their new digital flagship stores in London, then across the rest of UK.

The key to our offering was going to be relevant and original content across both print and digital channels. While most agents relied on a lot of third party content (especially for motion graphics and video) our CMS solutions were going to be entirely own-brand controlled, even when offering third party partnership marketing opportunities.

By cleverly updating existing assets alongside bespoke creative, we produced a suite of quick-fire animated destination templates, branded sales slots and an integrated Instagram stream for the external facing windows, with more immersive forty second destination pieces shown in store, where dwell times were longer.

To facilitate the transition from traditional static window displays to large format digital, it was imperative that we were able to produce and deploy inspirational, engaging and relevant rich content from the get-go. This is where Bigkid stepped in. They were able to rapidly produce a suite of animations that highlighted the breadth of our product range, our brand heritage and our social media presence. A truly immersive, Flight Centre hyperstore experience.”

Andrew Sproule / Head of Creative, Flight Centre UK Limited.




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