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Taylor Wimpey
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Taylor Wimpey recognised that the inconsistent use of their marketing tools across all their partner agencies had become
 both distracting to the customer and diluting to their brand vision.

With this in mind, the core marketing team invited Cubiquity and Bigkid to find a new way to manage and reinvigorate the identity and communications collateral across all platforms. We knew that we had to build a brand that both crystalised the vision and set out strict guidelines for use, whilst providing all the partner agencies with the intellectual freedom to express themselves. 

Our first objective was to perform a comprehensive review of every line item in the marketing mix and strip away anything seen as dated or no longer relevant. 

We then added warmth to the storytelling approach, through a blend of colour, language, uniquely designed wallpapers and engaging lifestyle photography. The application of the brand across all the communication touch-points were refreshed, from templated brochures, hoardings and signage through to the marketing suites and regional office interiors.

The final set of 300 page ring-bound set of guidelines (the largest we have ever created) was supported by a comprehensive template sharing microsite portal, rolled out to all the partners..

The revised brochure format delivered savings that more than paid for our input in year one and returned £450k to the business bottom line by the end of year three. The brand now has efficient, joined-up process to the delivery of operational print and a buttoned-down cohesive approach to its marketing communications, across every site, every office, and in the hands of every potential homebuyer.



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