Extraordinary People

We’re regular folk. Just like you.

We’re interested in pretty much the same stuff as you are too. We’re not robots, nor do we pretend to be rocket scientists. We don’t want to say that we’re better, we just want to show you. Most people who pick us up find it pretty hard to put us down again. We’re rather proud of that.

Cubiquity are a collaborative agency. Our mantra is ‘people to people’ not ‘business to business’. Our teams are not employed purely on their skill sets, but also on their ability to communicate effectively and build relationships quickly and with integrity. No two clients are alike; both in terms of people and in the way they plan and deliver their marketing activity.

At Your Side

Communication is the foundation of a good relationship. And our close-knit account management team is dedicated to you, your needs, and servicing your account to the absolute best of our ability. We will work closely with you to devise the best print and marketing procurement strategy to suit your business, grow your business, lower costs and maximise efficiencies. Insider knowledge, astute advice, inspired thinking: we believe good account management is an art, not a formula.

The art of

account management

Meet the Directors

Shane Inges


Kevin Rowland


Nick Burden

Operations Director

Dan Mitchell

Bigkid - Creative Director

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