Raising the standard with RISE

Cubiquity and Bigkid are raising the standard with RISE


Today is the UK Summer Solstice and is one of the most famous places to see the sunrise is at Stonehenge. It’s the only day of the year the rising sun reaches the middle of the stones and traditionally thousands of people gather to watch dawn break.

On the day we celebrate one of the most famous sunrises of the year, it seems right to launch our new initiative which is focused on doing good for people and the planet, RISE.

RISE has been created to bring our customers, colleagues and, social and environmental partners together as a collaborative team. The purpose of RISE is to reinforce our focus and amplify the positive impact we can have for people, communities and our planet.

The RISE journey is only just beginning. and We’re so excited to see where it goes, so watch this space!

For more information you can visit the dedicated webpage here  or email the team at RISE@cubiquitymedia.com


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