Supplier visit success!

Supplier visit success!


A great day out with the Alzheimer’s Society team!

This week we hosted a very enjoyable and informative site visit to one of our suppliers, with the Alzheimer’s Society team. This was a great benefit to some of their key stakeholders who work on a number of printed publications and marketing campaigns with Cube but have not visited a print plant before. By the end of the visit they had gained a better understanding of how their campaigns and publications were managed from receipt of artwork to their finished product. We also received some great feedback from the team!

A really enjoyable and informative morning! I think seeing the printing process is important in understanding the full ‘lifespan’ of a publication and the responsibilities that go with it. So for me, perhaps the most interesting part of the visit was the emphasis on the ethics of printing. It was great to hear about the ways that impact on the environment is minimised – recycling, environmentally friendly inks etc. It was fascinating to hear about the potential solutions to replace single-use plastics (and I’d never considered the possible environmental costs of Christmas card glitter before!).

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Tomas René

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