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Marketing technology

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Every day Cubiquity Online turns difficult into beautiful – delivering a fully-integrated experience, allowing our customers to manage all their media online thanks to a swift, secure, hyper-efficient online portal. Our web-based marketing and print procurement software puts the power in your hands. It’s easy to use. It’s accessible from any browser. It saves time. It saves on cost. It allows for endless personalisation. And it enables 100% brand compliance. From using online templated artwork to cut down on agency bills, to ordering centrally held stock to be delivered anywhere in the world: Cubiquity Online is a powerful technological solution to the procurement process, at your fingertips.

Technology at your fingertips

Cubiquity Online offers:

  • Secure worldwide access from any browser
  • Greater reductions in administrative time and costs
  • Online Artwork creation tools to reduce costly agency bills
  • Customer branded site
  • Order centrally held stock to be delivered anywhere in the world
  • Request quotes, manage and track progress of projects
  • Instant MI data online
  • Brand compliant
  • Access to historical orders
  • Full control with authorisation levels



in your hands

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