Bamboo is beneficial

Bamboo is beneficial

Why we should use bamboo instead of plastic

Bamboo is beneficial


At Cubiquity, we are passionate about looking after our planet, which is why Plastic Free July is very significant opportunity for us to promote and raise awareness for the many different alternatives to plastic.

Throughout July, we will be highlighting alternatives that can replace plastic in your print and promotional goods campaigns, and why they are beneficial.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of grass, with a hollow stem that grows profusely in more tropical and humid climates, which is its natural habitat. Bamboo is widely accessible and large amounts can be found is multiple countries across America, Africa, and Asia. It is a very fast growing, sturdy and durable product that can be harvested each year and holds many environmental benefits, such as it being natural and chemical free, renewable, affordable, and of course, stylish, and attractive.

Bamboo vs. Plastic

Here are some valid reasons as to why Bamboo is one of the best alternatives to plastic:

  1. Bamboo is affordable

Because bamboo grows at rapid speed, it is cheaper than wood and plastic. Costs for production are remarkably low, and the only time that it may encounter further processes is for construction purposes.

  1. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide

Trees have a huge part to play in the reduction of carbon from the atmosphere due to their size. But size isn’t the only requirement. The speed of growth can also increase the amount of oxygen released and carbon dioxide that is absorbed.

  1. Bamboo production can provide jobs

If bamboo does become the focus alternative, it can provide millions of jobs worldwide in many 3rd world destinations. More people are vital to process and harvest bamboo, so it provides lots of opportunities for many people.

  1. Bamboo is great for the environment

Bamboo forests provide food and shelter for different species of animals and help to prolong biodiversity. By growing more bamboo, it can also help to diminish the results of deforestation.

How you as a business can help to decrease the use of plastic with bamboo

There are so many ways that businesses and individuals can reduce the utilization of single use plastic and make the change to bamboo as an alternative and corporate promotional merchandise is a great example. There are so many merchandise products that are out there that don’t include plastic and are completely eco – friendly. Examples of these are:

  • Travel cutlery
  • Double walled flask
  • Bamboo fibre lanyards
  • Bamboo fibre tote bags
  • Golf tee sets
  • Keyrings
  • Pens and pencils
  • Tumbler mugs
  • Phone stands

If you want to make your workplace a more sustainable and plastic free environment, make sure to contact us at to find out more about how we can help  or if you have any questions about the products shown.

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