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An era of possibility

Digital services


Being abreast of the digital innovations can be a daunting ambition for many businesses. Here at Cubiquity, we are lucky to have a specialist in-house team; Bigkid. They thrive on making use of the latest solutions for your digital requirements. It’s not scary to them, and they’re here to make sure it’s not scary for you either.

Demystifying digital

Website: A lot goes into a website project, and we are here to deliver at every step.

Online content: Want to engage with your audience whilst they’re scrolling through their favourite websites? Good idea. Whether it’s a static image, GIF, HTML5, or just some old school words, we can help.

Video: Whether it’s live action, photography animation, or illustrative animation – or a combination of all 3, we’ve got it covered.

Social: Tired of Kardashian pics? Would you prefer your audience was engaging with you on their social media? We would too.

Software: We keep ourselves well versed with the latest digital creative software, allowing us to present you with the most beautiful digital creative, in the most efficient way.

SEO: We work alongside your business to improve your organic online visibility, highlighting your products and services online.

Paid search: Regardless of the search term, device, location or time of day, we’ll give your brand maximum exposure at the optimal price.


the digital era; not just embracing it

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