Cubiquity has been working alongside easyJet for over 10 years, supplying their EMEA hubs with a complete suite of operational and marketing print items, as well as providing secure storage, online stock management, pick, pack and worldwide distribution services.

Smooth take-off

Planes can be grounded if products are not delivered on time or to the correct specification, so no step in the process could be left to chance, from project briefing to airside delivery. To
facilitate this, easyJet wanted a new kind of supplier relationship, one that not only provided great value but also delivered reliable, robust and trustworthy service.

When Cubiquity were awarded the contract, their transition team met with key easyJet stakeholders to evaluate and, where required, re-specify substrates on every line item of operational print in minute detail.

A strategic implemented plan was actioned and key easyJet stakeholders were kept informed and updated on progress throughout. The result was a swift, smooth and successful handover, with zero disruption to easyJet’s operations. Staff didn’t even notice that they had changed over to a new provider!

Boutique magazine


Ground control

Cubiquity manage the production and distribution of over 200 essential printed products across both Ground Ops and Flight Ops, with over 4,000 stock orders and 28,000 individual product picks per year.

We oversee the whole logistics operation, working closely with each region to consolidate orders and improve efficiencies. Using our industry-leading, client branded online systems, each
airport stations operations team and Ground Handler has secure access to a wide range of printed airline products (product visibility limited by airport location), where they can place and
track their orders.

Marketing and Inflight Retail

Cubiquity produces and manages all onboard printed customer communications, including seatbacknadvertising and the inflight retail magazines, essential revenue generators for the airline. With turnarounds typically required within the shortest possible timescales, Cubiquity work closely with Dnata (easyJet’s chosen inflight retail partner) to ensure all monthly marketing changeover needs are met.

We also work with other teams, including easyJet Holidays, supporting their requirements with a wide range of brochures, posters, signage, promotional literature and merchandise.



Advertising cards

Caring for the environment


As part of ‘RISE’, our multidisciplined ESG Initiative, we calculate the total weight of products and delivery journey for each dispatch, then work with the World Land Trust to offset the carbon emissions generated by these deliveries. Through this initiative, in 2021 easyJet helped protect and restore 6,150 sq. metres of threatened tropical forest and will continue to do so in 2022.

We’ve also been developing an automated production process and schedule around the forecasted passenger numbers for each of easyJet’s destinations. We estimate this will save easyJet a further £30,000 a year on delivery costs as well as significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

EAT. DRINK. SHOP. Inflight menus

in flight magazines

Happy Landings

Throughout the lifetime of the agreement, Cubiquity has made excellent progress on our commitment to continual improvement, identifying and delivering an additional £400k of savings throughout the lifetime of the agreement – from improvements to the quality of products we supply to the level and continuity of service we provide. Our detailed MIS reporting is the perfect platform from which easyJet can review and manage spending patterns at every destination.

The client has been so delighted with our end to- end approach to both service and technology that they have now extended our contract four times!

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