Merlin Entertainments

Creating print magic for world-famous attractions


Merlin Entertainments specialise in creating unique, memorable and rewarding visitor experiences through a unique portfolio of iconic brands, for over 60 million guests every year.

Cubiquity have worked with Merlin since March 2016, producing a wide range of marketing print for a number of their attractions, including all leaflets for the UK and European Sea Life centres, and collateral for the Merlin London Cluster of attractions, made up of the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Shrek, Sea Life London and the London Dungeons. In addition, we produce leaflets on behalf of other Merlin attractions across the UK, including the York and Edinburgh Dungeons, and Madame Tussauds and the Tower Dungeon in Blackpool.



We arrange for bulk print, dispatch to display partners as well as stock-hold for call-off leaflets and other visitor collateral for the Merlin attractions.  This approach allows Merlin to benefit from economies of scale gathered from bulk-print runs, and the flexibility of being able to order additional stock from our warehouse via the print portal for next-day delivery. In total we are anticipating production in excess of 5.5million visitor leaflets for the various Merlin attractions in 2019.

We have also produced guidebooks for Madame Tussauds and the Shrek Experience; these high-profile publications are bespoke to each site, and we have worked closely with Merlin to ensure the finished guidebooks are suited for their intended purpose and meet all client expectations.



Since transferring their services to us, we have targeted ourselves to deliver savings in the region of 15% to Merlin by implementing a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Reducing the paper weight used for their visitor collateral without losing quality, reducing costs and environmental impact
  • Running jobs together to gain leverage on size of spend
  • Supplying printed mock-ups of high-profile jobs prior to proceeding to print to ensure the quality of print and paper meets Merlin’s expectations
  • Stock reporting via the print portal has saved time and money through increased administration efficiency; users can see available quantities of items in real-time, all of which are available for next day call off


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