Healthy outcomes for NHS in-house solutions



LLR Trust’s on-site, outdated print and document services solution had reached crisis point.

A lack of cohesive strategy had fragmented the service into three print rooms, across three locations, each managed independently of the others. The entire operation lacked a set of common standards and was proving both wasteful and expensive. Trust in the service fell away and maverick print spend across an array of unauthorised print vendors delivered inefficient, inconsistent results. A substantial capital investment in equipment, process and technology was essential.



Cubiquity proposed a radical change, taking over the entire operation and implanting a print management team on-site, then rebuilding individual client relationships from the ground up. Each satellite print room was updated with the latest plant and technology, allowing more projects to be channelled internally, with greater consistency and efficiency.

Next, they were tasked with a share of short-run, quick turnaround work, undertaken by a core team and distributed across each campus by the client’s own transport staff.   All external print work that could not be produced in-house was re-tendered to a select base of suitable and vetted external suppliers.  A bespoke ‘least cost routing’ model automatically directs each order to its best value solution; be that warehouse stock order requests, on-site print-on-demand, or off-site ad hoc production.



Cubiquity LLR print has now evolved into a complete print solution, where every ward and department can order their exact requirements via our state-of-the-art online systems, from the comfort of their own PC, taking advantage of complete transparency, expert print management of all print spend and a professional, proactive and trusted customer service approach.

Now into our second term and with an extended contract, we continue to provide significant savings across the board on all NHS in-house and external print spend, with local suppliers now delivering over 50% of all sourced work.

Cubiquity’s contribution to our projects has been invaluable and their constant support has helped us achieve an improved patient experience, standardisation of documentation and our CIP’s over all our departments."



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